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LinkedIn’s culture is the collective personality of every individual who works here. The five cultural tenets that we embody as an organization are: Transformation, Integrity, Collaboration, Humor, and Results. But since our culture isn’t just who we are—it’s who we aspire to be—it should come as no surprise that the most important aspect of our culture is transformation. We strive to transform ourselves and our career trajectories; to transform the company in realizing the full potential of our mission; and to transform the world by manifesting our vision to create economic opportunity for every professional.

Transformation of Self

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We challenge our employees to imagine their dream job, and then work toward achieving it by pursuing their passions through various programs, both formal and informal. InDay is one such program, where one day a month, we give time back to our employees to pursue the ideas that most inspire them. Each inDay has a theme (e.g., learning, wellness, innovation) and organized activities, but ultimately each employee has the freedom to use the time in any way that will help achieve a personal or professional goal.

In addition, through our LinkedIn Speaker Series, each month we introduce our employees to innovative thinkers and inspiring ideas, which will in turn help them be more productive and successful.

Transformation of Company

We move fast and demand excellence every day. Things are constantly changing, which creates an environment where every employee is encouraged to effect some of that change. The Incubator Program, a quarterly competition that goes beyond the typical Hack Day model, is one way that LinkedIn provides this encouragement. Teams assemble from across the organization, create a proposal for a passion project, pass through a preliminary judging round, and ultimately pitch to a panel of executive judges. Winning teams receive up to three months off of their normal job to turn their dream into a reality, and a chance to transform LinkedIn in a positive way.

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Transformation of World

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We stay laser-focused on our vision of creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world. Our employees share that goal and lever LinkedIn’s platform and other programs to make an impact on the world. The Transformation Grant program is an annual competition for employees to win money toward transforming the world in some way, which must be carried out by the employees. Winning projects have ranged from practicing photojournalism in Haiti, to organizing a large-scale race to send underprivileged kids to camp.